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celine bags outlet Lufthansa pilots union are mainly successful upgrade with Germany's largest airline, because it is trying to interfere with the flight into the second week.
Lufthansa last week had to thousands of flights to most of the German flag carrier after the pilot was grounded business in four days of the strike in the long-running dispute between the employment conditions.celine bag outlet So far, the labor disputes is Lufthansa estimated cost more than $20 million.
celine bags replica Lufthansa's main pilots union Vereinigung cockpit, on Sunday night, said it has asked the pilot to operate short-haul flights can't report to work on Tuesday. Unions have called for the pilot flying more lucrative long service on the second day strike.
Lufthansa has not said,celine bag replica however, how many flights will be cancelled in two days.
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celine bags online Lufthansa has suffered a series of pilots and cabin crew strikes,celine bag sale in recent years, at a lower cost to lower-cost competitors compete more effectively. Short business of the carrier in discount ryanair holdings co., LTD., under the pressure of competitors such as operators and the Middle East are stealing long-distance business by providing low fares.
Jorg Handwerg labor representatives said, again after the strike was called to negotiate with the carrier bridging differences failed increases and other issues.
Lufthansa said it is not willing to continue negotiations of the European Union is disappointed,celine bag shop not escalating conflict.
celine bags sale Last week's four-day strike affects more than 345000 passengers and 2755 flights cancelled, the airline said.
Lufthansa, said his sister operators Eurowings, wings of Germany, Swiss international airlines, Austrian airlines flight Dolomiti and Brussels airlines will not be affected.
At the conclusion of recent strike,celine bags online Lufthansa and other European airlines a tough year. Excess capacity lower fares, terrorist attacks have a reservation for depression.
Lufthansa is some European airlines to reduce their profit forecasts this year in the face of resistance of these benefits.
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